Trailer Project

The main project we've been working on this year is the Trailer Project which, like the Short, Short Film project we did on our second semester, is a collaboration between the CG artists and animators in our year. Basically we got assigned a classic movie and had to re-art direct it in a way that would fit the "spirit" of the film so you'd still recognize it when watching it, even if the visuals are completely different. Our group got to work with The Shining which was an intimidating but awesome feat.

For the first two weeks of the semester both of the classes worked together in groups in order to come up with a narrative interpretation and visual designs for the trailer. Then the CGs took over and modelled the look of the film after which us animators spent the first two weeks of December animating the sequences. Finally the CGs took the trailers through comp and final polish during these last two weeks before our christmas break.

These are the shots I animated. They aren't the most interesting shots, but I learned a lot from making them.

It was great fun to work on and even if I'm not completely satisfied with my own effort I still think the final result looks awesome.

A big thanks to my group which consisted of:

Jess Nicholls
Kristján Ingolfsson
Marta Andresen
Christoffer Kramme
Simon Ternowitz
Katharina Goslowsky