Short, short film project


The "Short, short film"-project lasted 4 weeks and was a collaboration between 1st year animators and CG artists. The intent was to create a 30-second film inspired by a few written prompts and two style guides. The first two weeks were spent on story- and art concepts, the last two on production of backgrounds, 2D animation and compositing.

In our groups we were given the prompts: "smugness", "Whatever you do, don't eat it" and a style mash-up of the illustrators Tim Biskup and Heinz Edelmann.

My group:
Benjamin Bach (CG)
Gustaf Lindström (CG)
Mads Weidner (CA)
Line Bering (CG)
Elisabet Hau (CG)
Belinda Larsen (CA)
Lea Bøje (CA)