Color Theory

This was, according to the man himself, the last ever time we'll have Lawrence Marvit as our teacher. Which is quite sad I think, since the weeks we've had with him are the ones that have taught me the most in the shortest amount of time this year.

This class was a real eye-opener as well, since I learned that everything I'd ever been taught about color is completely wrong. Only through re-evaluating the way I've been seeing primary (and secondary and tertiary) colors did I begin to understand how they really work.

We started out copying an existing painting (unfortunately I've forgot the name of the artist...)

Then we had to figure out the colors for a black/white painting by Gustave Doré. I chose Paradise Lost.

The last assignment was to make a thumbnails for a painting of a mix of the Star Wars and Samurai universe.My thumbnail was this
On the last day we were given the choice to work digitally which helped me immensely as it made the process much quicker and easier. I forced myself to work really small and rough still, but with some details to help it come together.