Design class (better late than never...)

It's been a while since we had this class, as I've been a bit tardy with updates on this blog. But regardless, design class with Lawrence Marvit was a really intense and eye-opening week. What I took away from it, most of all, is that the most important step in creating art is figuring out what you want it to feel like.

We had several assignments that week, all of them abstract. The most interesting one for me was the "taste-experiment" in which we had to taste a certain type of food and then create and abstract representation of that taste.

This is the result of tasting 85 % dark chocolate. I wanted to get a heavy liquid metal feel along with some smoky notes at the end.

Of the other assignments we had were a representation of the jazz album "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis. This was a hard one and I'm still not satisfied with the results.

My first attempt

My second, more abstract and simple attempt

Then we did a representation of horror and on the last day, one of Brahm Stoker's Dracula, with the focus on contrast and values.

My first attempt at horror

And my second

Aaaand Dracula (it was digitally drawn, then scanned, hence the bad quality)

Lawrence will be returning to teach us in January, looking forward to that :)